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If you have learned how to act...
                      Come and learn how not to act! 

What does it mean today to be a good actor?

Today, being a good actor means being authentic with oneself, in order to be authentic with others. To find the vitality of this authentic play, the actor is invited to relearn who he really is. To train this new actor of tomorrow, the working methods of Michael Chekhov and Sanford Meisner are the most effective


However, many training courses continue to teach methods that are no longer adequate to the actor's profession today and remain without answers to essential questions.

The only studio in France to teach these two methods in depth, Studio AZOT was born in the wake of a research-practice conducted by Anastase Philippe Rouillé for over 20 years, inviting today teachers and artists from all over the world.

This new approach transmits these fundamental, precise tools, intended to train you by giving you full mastery and knowledge of your instrument in the inspiration and the creativity.

Actors and comedians who are professional or in the process of becoming professional

Actors and comedians in training who do not find what they are looking for in their current training

Anyone who wishes to use the tools of acting in the exercise of their profession and is ready to invest themselves in a serious manner

For whom?

Why choose Studio AZOT?

Concrete and efficient methods

An individualized pedagogy

Each person is unique. To be sure to accompany our trainees in their learning and provide a precise and thorough training, we limit the groups to 14 people. Our pedagogy is based on a balance between benevolence and high standards and adapts to the evolution of each person.

Being a professional actor

Often, training courses do not prepare you for the reality of artistic jobs. Our training courses take into account all aspects of our profession and include tactics and advice for professionalization. For professional actors, our training courses deepen and consolidate your knowledge.

The actor must have a good toolbox. We are the only training program in France to offer a complementary and integral approach to the Chekhov and Meisner methods, to ensure a total understanding of your instrument: body, emotions, impulses, imagination.


Become a trainer

Because it is impossible to transmit without having practiced, some of our most experienced trainees have the privilege of being offered training to transmit the Chekhov and Meisner methods in their turn.


Our profession exists thanks to encounters. 
By inviting partners and encouraging links between participants in our trainings, we create a solid professional network that serves as a springboard for our trainees.

Building your network


PaBecause money does not equal talent, we can help you to obtain funding from the AFDAS, Pôle Emploi, Audiens and many others.

We have also set up payment facilities to give you every opportunity to access our training courses.


The Azot studio allowed me to  discover the Chekhov and Meisner methods in a benevolent environment, which does not neglect a certain high standard.

Emel and Tarik have two different approaches because two different temperaments. But he aspires to the same benevolence, the same precision.

Après seulement un an, je sens que j’évolue très rapidement, dans un environnement bienveillant. La combinaison des techniques de Chekhov et Meisner m’ont permis de saisir l’essence même du jeu d’acteur

Marion MOREL

Anne Barat



Marion Morel

Sylvain Manat