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If you have learned how to act... Come and learn how not to act!





Venue to be reserved in Paris or Montreuil



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Once a month,

Monday to Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM

12 hours of training



The price is 175 euros per course*.

For all registrations for several courses, we will propose a preferential offer. Contact us for more information.

The art of speech training has a long tradition and has been developed to serve the stage, pedagogy and therapy, but also speakers in all forms of public speaking (conferences, pleas, speeches, courses...). It is first of all a question of developing awareness, agility and the power of the instrument of speech at the same time as listening.

Through articulation, breath, volubility, voice pose, and other tools, the speaker learns to project the word onto the air and to make it vibrate in the acoustic space. The activity of speaking - the ability to articulate sounds and words, to give voice to the thoughts, feelings and intentions that live inside - has become less and less about expressing aspects of human life such as truth or beauty or goodness, or what makes a human being truly human. 

Creative Speech invites participants to explore the basic elements of language and suggests little-known ways - those inherent in language itself - in which actors, speech artists, public speakers and anyone interested in the future of the living spoken word in the digital age can enliven and enrich their speech, and become true creative artists of the words they speak. This includes discovering the life of consonants and vowels, exploring gesture to transform the voice, studying voice placement and different styles of expression for different types of writing.



First course

An introduction to creative speech: imagination and movement as the two main principles that can drive speech.   


Second workshop

Further exploration of words, syllables and sounds as sources of life in speech: vowels and consonants.


Third stage

Voice placement and styles of expression. Releasing the breath from the physical speech instrument.


Fourth workshop

Gestures for phrases as expressions of thoughts and intentions, for dialogue and other dramatic situations.


Fifth workshop

Vocal gestures and dramatic texts.


Sixth workshop

Gestures for words and painting images with sounds to tell a story.


Seventh workshop

Sounds and colours to talk about poetry.


Eighth workshop

Deepening and concluding speech work on stories, poems, monologues and speeches of different styles.

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​Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane, a London-based SN, practices and teaches both Michael Chekhov's approach to acting and the vocal techniques developed by Rudolf Steiner, all taught as part of Michael Chekhov's actor training at Dartington Hall

in the UK.

She has worked as a professional acting teacher, director and performer both abroad and in her native UK for 30 years.

Personal financing rate. For Pôle Emploi, AFDAS or any other funding agency, please contact us*