Stage Meisner et Chekhov Studio Azot

If you have learned how to act... Come and learn how not to act

The AZOT studio is a place of research and improvement for actors, directors and anyone wishing to develop creative abilities and the use of their imagination in a concrete way through the in-depth practice of dramatic art. The studio's training courses are mainly aimed at professional actors who are already working or in the process of becoming professional, or at anyone who wishes to use the tools of theatre in the exercise of their profession.


Studio AZOT focuses its research on authenticity. We are deeply convinced that it is the key to being alive and accessing one's own inner resources despite the fears that can tug at the "human being-actor". After a long search, the Michael Chekhov method and the Meisner method that we teach, seemed to us to best meet this requirement. They allow, each in its own way, to respond to the quest of many of us: a deep desire for full, spontaneous and authentic expression.


Studio AZOT  was born out of the desire to offer actors concrete tools to help them find their way in a field where there is often a lot of confusion and randomness, and to provide them with a complete toolbox to meet all the requirements of their profession. What both techniques have in common is an exceptional understanding of how people work and an insightful way of accessing their own way of working. One literally learns to play one's instrument, as each actor is unique. The Meisner and Michael Chekhov methods approach acting from a different and complementary point of view, and through their combination, reinforce and support each other.

Several cycles are possible, a commitment from October to June for long-term work, an intensive integration of the training during the second session in January for professional actors wishing to combine training and professional commitment over the year.