Comediens exercices studio azot michael

If you have learned how to act...
Come and learn how not act! 


Dechnique will also include the application of these foundations to and During these weekends, participants will have the opportunity to get to know, explore and deepen their understanding of many inspiring and creative facets of Michael Chekhov's acting technique.

The introduction to the technique will also include the application of these foundations to monologues and scenes, so that participants will acquire the same creative and inspiring qualities in performance.

Michael Chekhov's approach to acting focuses on transformation, which is what all true actors dream of doing in the depths of their being, in a truthful and authentic way.

But... can transformation and authenticity be achieved at the same time?

250 € *

from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Comediens exercices studio azot michael

DATES CYCLE 2021-2022 

October, 23-24 

November, 13-14 

December, 11-12  

January, 15-16 

March, 19-20 

April, 2-3 

May, 7-8

June, 4-5 



Sarah Kane - Meisner avec Sylwia - Studi


This training is a transformative part-time course, inspired by the principles of the Meisner technique. Actors are introduced to increasingly complex and sophisticated improvisation exercises: 

- Exploring the power of your imagination and the ability to create dynamic and useful "circumstances" that allow you to act without effort or tension.


- To give yourself fully to all parts of yourself so that you can deepen what it means to be free and truthful on stage, on set... and in life. 

- Become impulsive and spontaneous actors, adept at improvisation and confident in any script, audition or rehearsal process.    

- To explore stage work in a way that is not constrained by 'ideas' or concerns about 'text'.

250 € *

from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

CYCLE DATES 2021-2022 

With Sylwia Kaczmarek and Kassia Kołodziejczak              

October, 9-10 

November, 27-28 

January, 22-23 


March, 12-13

April, 16-17

May, 21-22



With Anastase Philippe Rouillé

October, 16-17                     

November, 20-21 

December, 18-19 

January 8-9    

February, 5-6                        

March, 5-6 

April, 9-10 

May, 14-15 Mai

June, 25-26 

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